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French Polynesia is a dream destination for all travelers in search of luxury, refinement, and escape, looking for high-end service and exclusive amenities! We have selected luxury packages for you, including international flights, to enjoy the best 4- and 5-star hotels in the islands of Tahiti. From your very own bungalow, enjoy a luxury vacation in complete serenity.

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Browse through our selection of premium packages (international flights on Air Tahiti Nui from Los Angeles or Seattle to Papeete + nights in sumptuous hotels and resorts) and enjoy an exceptional trip to several Polynesian islands: Bora Bora, Tetiaroa, and Taha'a are some of the most popular islands for a luxury trip, located amid the world's most beautiful lagoons.

The finest services in the greatest comfort are available in your bungalow or villa chosen by our partner travel agency from a selection of luxury hotels.

Choose your preferred luxury package and contact the travel agency for a quote and more information. You will be able to organize your next luxury trip in no time, and to enjoy exclusive services throughout your trip in the selected resorts.

The best hotels for a complete change of scenery

There are many 4- and 5-star hotels in French Polynesia. In Tahiti, Bora Bora, Taha'a, Rangiroa, Tetiaroa... luxury hotels invite you to a moment of peace and quiet by the sea.

These resorts and palaces, set on magnificent beaches, are among the best hotels in the region, offering unreal views of the turquoise lagoons and green mountains of the islands.

Luxury hotels usually have a sandy or classic pool and private or secluded beach areas, allowing you to enjoy the sun and the lagoon, lulled by the gentle sound of the waves.

Enjoy all the wonders of the islands, including dance performances, Polynesian massages, and fine dining using the best local products.

Customized services for a luxurious stay

With your luxury package, all your hotel nights are already booked. You can therefore begin to prepare your customized trip by checking out the services offered by the selected establishments: excursions on the lagoon and on the island, wellness services in a luxury spa, hot tub, gourmet restaurant... take advantage of these luxurious services provided in an exquisite setting. 

Polynesian luxury is also reflected in its unique products: black pearls and Tahitian vanilla are both of a rare high quality. Therefore, your trip to the islands of Tahiti is the perfect opportunity to:

  • taste the "black gold" of Tahiti; a vanilla with both subtle and powerful flavors recognized by the world's great chefs.

  • buy your most beautiful pearl jewelry near their production site. Ask your hotel's concierge to help you find the best pearl farms and jewelry stores in the islands of Tahiti.

Luxury trips in French Polynesia can also be arranged as a sailing trip on an exceptional catamaran, or as a cruise to the Marquesas Islands, traveling the ocean in luxurious cabins. We thus suggest several types of holiday packages. Feel free to check them!