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Raiatea is an island in the Society archipelago, part of the Leeward Islands. It lies 200 km from Tahiti and less than 5 km from its sister island, Taha'a. Considered the living heart of Polynesia, Raiatea has a special aura in island culture.

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Adventure awaits you with Air Tahiti Nui! Our islands are beautiful, and each has its own characteristics and treasures. Of course, Raiatea is no exception! So, to help you organize a wonderful trip to French Polynesia, we've put together a selection of holiday offers including Air Tahiti Nui flight tickets, as well as nights in a hotel or guesthouse (small family-run hotel) in Raiatea and the other islands in your package.

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Raiatea, the heart of Polynesia

The island of Raiatea holds a very special place not only in the Tahiti Islands, but also in Polynesian culture. This is where you'll find the Taputapuatea marae, the original sacred heart of the entire Polynesian triangle, including Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand. This historic place of worship is one of the most important in Polynesia, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located by the sea, you won't want to miss it on your visit to Raiatea!

While all the islands of French Polynesia invite you to feel the Mana, the presence of this immense marae and the legends surrounding it endow Raiatea with considerable spiritual power. The ancestral heritage of the first Polynesians is clearly perceptible. Its magnificent mountains with their lush vegetation and impressive landscapes overlooking the lagoon also have a lot to do with it: here, the connection with nature is spontaneous. Everything invites you to set aside your daily routine and simply breathe, relax and enjoy the moment in the heart of the islands of Tahiti.

How to organize your trip to Raiatea

Have you chosen a travel package that includes a stay on the island of Raiatea? It's an excellent choice! Your international flights to Tahiti and your nights' accommodation in Raiatea are included. All that's left to do is organize your stay and excursions in the heart of Polynesia. On this island of lush green hills, beautiful hikes await you, offering incredible views of Raiatea and its lagoon.

The Raiatea Botanical Garden, meanwhile, will bring you even closer to nature, as you discover the multitude of plants that dot the Polynesian islands. The island has its own endemic flower, the Tiare 'apetahi. Extremely rare and growing only on one of Raiatea's highest plateaus, this mystical flower is the source of a legend famous throughout Polynesia.

Taha'a, the second treasure of your stay in Raiatea

Finally, how can we talk about Raiatea without mentioning its sister island, Taha'a? Sharing the same lagoon, a visit to Raiatea is often an opportunity to discover two islands in one! Spend a night or two here and discover another wonderful facet of the islands of Tahiti.

Taha'a, the Vanilla Island, with its wild, unspoilt nature, offers a true vision of Paradise. Its magnificent motu adorned with white sand give you access to a crystal-clear lagoon in which you're sure to spend the most beautiful moments of your trip. Taha'a is also famous for its coral garden, half an hour from Raiatea, which is quite simply one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in French Polynesia!

In Taha'a, you'll also have the opportunity to visit vanilla factories, pearl farms and rum distilleries to learn more about local production, and enjoy Polynesian-made products.