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Air Tahiti Nui overall winner in Capital magazine's "Best Brands for 2024" ranking

Meilleure enseigne 2024 - Capital

November 21st, 2023–

A new award for Air Tahiti Nui, which this month celebrates its 25th anniversary: the Polynesian company makes a remarkable entrance at the top of Capital magazine's "Best Brands for 2024" ranking for the quality of its service and across all categories.

In conjunction with its 25th anniversary, Air Tahiti Nui has just been named in Capital magazine's ranking of "Best Brands for 2024" for its quality of service in the "Airlines" category with an average score of 9.07/10, placing it ahead of Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Luxair and Quatar Airways. 

With this exceptional rating, the Polynesian airline also takes the lead in all categories, an especially meaningful recognition that's an amazing gift to the company's employees, whose professionalism is widely recognized on its 25th anniversary.

Capital's ranking of Best Brands for 2024 was compiled from an independent online survey of 20,000 consumers that was conducted by Statista. This was in order to measure the quality of customer service provided by nearly 1,650 brands. More than 341,000 evaluations were collected in order to classify 502 brands into 147 business categories. 

Respondents rated the brands they had used in the past three years according to the following three categories: customer care (quality of welcome, speed of contact), the brand's level of expertise (staff competence, quality of information provided) and their willingness to recommend the brand to friends and family.

The survey was conducted by Capital magazine in partnership with Statista R, a leading business intelligence and data portal providing an extensive collection of statistics, reports and information on more than 80,000 subjects from 22,500 sources across 170 industries.

About Air Tahiti Nui

As the leading carrier to French Polynesia, Air Tahiti Nui connects the South Pacific to four continents, with flights from Tahiti to Paris, Auckland, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Seattle. With its Seattle-Tahiti route, Air Tahiti Nui is the only airline connecting the northwestern USA with French Polynesia. Based in Papeete, Air Tahiti Nui currently operates from Tahiti and connects to ten countries in cooperation with a number of codeshare partners, including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, SNCF, AirCalin, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Qantas. Follow Air Tahiti Nui on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok and Instagram. For more details, please visit us at: