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Flights to French Polynesia

Your greatest travel experience starts here. Book your flights to French Polynesia with Air Tahiti Nui. Consult all our airfares and promotional offers to go to Tahiti or book flights to the other islands of French Polynesia at a low price.

Book a flight to French Polynesia

Board our Boeing 787-9 Tahitian Dreamliner for a unique and great adventure with Air Tahiti Nui. We are constantly striving to improve our service and amenities to provide you with a comfortable, authentic, and warm travel experience, in the spirit of the Polynesian islands.

We offer you quality at the best price with our all-inclusive tickets, including meals and checked luggage. You can also choose to customize your flights to Tahiti thanks to our "A la Carte" Services.

Air Tahiti Nui serves Tahiti international airport near Papeete from and to several destinations by direct flight or flights with stopovers. The polynesian airline serves direct flights from Seattle or from Los Angeles to Papeete several times a week. 

In addition to our Los Angeles - Papeete and Seattle - Papeete flights, you can book your trip to French Polynesia from many cities in Europe, North America, Asia, or Oceania thanks to our codeshare partners. Wherever you are, plan your flights to French Polynesia in a few clicks!

Discover all our airfares in Moana Economy, Moana Premium or Poerava Business class, and enjoy our special offers on flights to Tahiti. Enter your preferred travel date to find flights to French Polynesia. Whether you're traveling with family, friends or with your spouse on your honeymoon, the beaches of our islands await you.

Choose the travel class that suits you best

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava business cabin seats

Poerava Business

The Poerava Business class offers a luxury cabin. Its comfortable seats recline 180°. You can rest comfortably throughout the flight. Book your flight in Poerava Business class and benefit from priority access, two pieces of luggage up to 32 kg in the hold, and the Lounge Pass.

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Moana Premium

With our Moana Premium cabin, you'll enjoy wider seats and more legroom. Our lagoon-colored seats recline 20 cm and a premium comfort kit awaits you on board. Travel with two pieces of luggage up to 23kg with your Premium class tickets.

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classe moana economic air tahiti nui

Moana Economy

Save money on tickets with Moana Economy. Our economy class cabin provides you with the comfort of 15 cm reclining seats equipped with individual high-definition touch screens. Meals and a 23kg checked bag are included in our economy fare.

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Fly to French Polynesia with Air Tahiti Nui!

French Polynesia is not a regular touristic destination: it is a dream that opens up in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Are you looking for a peaceful break to restore your energy, for a journey made of encounters, or for a sports trip to challenge yourself? Going to the islands of Tahiti allows you to find what's most important, far away from everyday life.

Therefore, we strive to make your flights to French Polynesia as exceptional as its destination. Each of us is an ambassador of our islands. Your journey with us is the perfect time to share with you the passion that drives us.

Surrounded by the warmth of Polynesian hospitality and the delicate scent of the Tiare flower, you will enter our world of beaches and lagoons. The spirit of our islands follows us everywhere we go, so that each trip with us is a new opportunity to experience a 100% Polynesian experience, from the moment you board on one of our flights.

What to do in French Polynesia?

There are plenty of activities to do in French Polynesia! After landing in Papeete, you can drive around the island of Tahiti and discover its beaches, or head to one of the 117 other islands that are part of French Polynesia. Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine, the Marquesas Islands, the Austral Islands or the Tuamotu and Gambier archipelago... Each archipelago has a fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes. You can book your flights to many of the islands of Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui, thanks to our codeshare partners. 

In the islands, nature provides you with the most wonderful activities: hiking in the mountains, discovering the underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving, relaxing on the beach, or tasting the incredible flavors of Polynesian cuisine. In terms of accommodation, the choice is yours too! Plan your trip as you wish, from lovely campgrounds to the most beautiful star-rated hotels in French Polynesia, and even charming family-run guesthouses.

During your flight to French Polynesia, take the time to watch documentaries on our Tiare TV channel, available on your seat’s individual screen. Our flights are the best time to learn more about the islands of Tahiti, get the best advice for travelers, and find the ideal activities for an unforgettable stay.

Best time to visit French Polynesia

In the islands of Tahiti, the weather is great in all seasons! The tropical climate offers plenty of sunshine, combined with the winds' pleasant fresh air. On land and in the water, the average annual temperature is 25°C or 77°F.

You can therefore travel to French Polynesia any time you want. Air Tahiti Nui offers regular flights all year-round to enjoy all the assets of the islands:

From March to November: for slightly cooler temperatures,

From December to February: to take advantage of the "season of abundance" which allows you to enjoy the most delicious tropical fruits,

Planning to go surfing? The waves are here all year-round in French Polynesia! The season from May to September is the best and busiest, offering excellent conditions and a bigger swell.

Finally, book your flights to travel during the period from July to November : the perfect time to have a chance to see the majestic humpback whales in French Polynesia.